Monday, September 7, 2015

Living on a Prayer, Because I am Half way there!

I was told that you don’t always have to have an exciting week. Sometimes the best weeks are the ones that are slower. I don’t completely agree with them but they have a point. This week was the half way mark of my semester at University of the Sunshine Coast and it really has flown by quickly.

Monday was my first big test since I started here. I sat in a room for 2 hours taking my biomechanics test then walked out with a huge headache. It was not a terrible test but I don’t not want to jinx that.

Tuesday was just classes. One of them being a lab for physiology where we played with blood again but this time measuring the hemoglobin levels as well as identifying white blood cells. I discovered in that class that I easily get nauseous looking in a microscope but other than that, blood looks beautiful under a microscope.

Wednesday was psychology day (all my psychology classes where that day). For abnormal psychology, we talked about addictive disorders which involved gambling and alcohol. As part of our topic for the day, we watched a funny clip of monkeys getting drunk which was hilarious. I always seem to love abnormal psychology. My professor is hilarious as well as clever when it comes to her field of expertise. After class I got to video chat with my buddy Caroline D! All I can say I,  we are a pair that do not shut up :D Literally right afterwards, I spoke with my friend and future roommate Fran and again we always have so much to talk about! Talking to my Elon friends always makes me miss my home in Burlington NC but my time here will end soon.

Thursday was a free day for me because my tut was online so Louise and I went over to Wollies and the post office. I delivered another birthday package as well as got a few ingredients for our BBQ on Friday. Afterwards I headed over to the gym to talk with one of the trainers about how I can tone. Working out to me is more of a way to let out stress but because I like to see a healthy change in my body, I have been wanting to tone. Since I don’t have a lot of fat to lose, it is time to tone and build muscle. As of now I have been given a bunch of exercises in order to work on upper body, legs and core. This does not mean I am quitting the workout classes. I enjoy those too much.

Friday I had one tut before going to Wollies with Dorthea, Cara and Liam to pick up shrimp and a cob loaf for the BBQ. Before heading to Maloolaba, I marinated the shrimp and made the cob loaf dip for the second time since I came here. The reason I wanted to make the shrimp is because I wanted to do the whole Australian “shrimp on the Barbie” thing. Funny enough, that is not a real thing they do here in Australia. Some stereotypes are just complete lies!!! After arriving at the BBQ that was facing Maloolaba beach, a group of us ended up at another section of Maloolaba so the few people I was with just decided to stay and cook our food where we were instead of walking. We did have someone who was injured so that was the biggest reason we did not try to walk over. Either way, we had a nice BBQ with burgers, sausages and prawns (that’s what they call shrimp here). I ate most of the prawns, but I was still happy I stuck with the idea. Eventually the other group found us and we all hung out at the tables before catching the bus back to USC. Before bed, Cara, Louise and I hung out with some other friends (two who live upstairs) at their little BBQ at the UniCentral grills.

Saturday morning, I met up with Dorthea to finalize our itinerary for our trip to Melbourne and New Zealand for the mid semester break! It did take a little longer than expected with buying tickets due to some terrible customer service from Tiger Airline but we eventually got our tickets. During the booking process, Fil skyped me and was eventually joined by Stu. Seeing them converse with each other definitely made me miss their craziness. They even got a little information of our plans to go to Hobbitan in New Zealand. Again, talking to Elon friends always reminds me why I need to eventually come home. Once Dorthea and I finished, I walked back to my room, did some studying and stayed in the rest of the day.

Sunday was a relaxing day but I did have the opportunity to talk to Tray who I haven’t talked to in a while. I guess you can say that part of my highlights this week was talking to my friends back in the USA! They really are the only reason I am okay with coming home (besides the fact I need to graduate). Since I have arrived here, I have also spoken to two of my long time Elon friends Nicole and Alex through text and once through FaceTime as well as many others through iMessage and Facebook both from Elon, and friends from high school. Seeing snapchats of what I am missing back home makes me feel a bit homesick and I am surprisingly developing FOMO (fear of missing out). Though I did not have any crazy things happen to me this week such as skydiving, It was a productive week of school work and catching up with my friends and family back home. In a way, my friend is right about slow weeks.


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