Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Break Plans!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been consistent with my posts the past 2 weeks but there really hasn’t been anything going except preparing for out ten day break. If I can sum up my past few weeks it would be a lot of stress and paper writing.

I just want to let my family and friends who are not aware yet that I will be traveling for the next ten days starting Thursday until Sunday night my time. My friend Dorthea and I have made plans to stay in Melbourne from Thursday night to Sunday night and then fly out of the country to the wonderful Northern Island of New Zealand. We will be staying with my cousin Lindsey in Melbourne and then we will be staying with Dorthea’s cousin who is studying abroad in Auckland. As of now our activity schedule is a but up in the air but what we do plan on doing at least in New Zealand is doing a few days nerding out about Lord of the Rings by visiting the sight of Mount Doom and the little town of Hobbiton as well as making plans with David Duke who was sweet enough to offer us a bit of an inside look at his job working on the set of Lord of the Rings.

New Zealand will be more of a hiking trip, and Melbourne will be a bit of an exploring trip, which will be a great way to end my last big traveling plans here on this side of the world. After I will be buckling down for finals. I will plan to write a post the night I get back from New Zealand about Dorthea and I’s adventures during the 10 day break. Be on the look out for some pictures and maybe a GOPRO video.


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