Friday, June 5, 2015

The Free Time Schedule

This post is the schedule indicating when family and friends can contact me via Skype, iMessage, whatsapp, and FaceTime. Since I will be 14 hours ahead of NY, the schedule has been converted to NY time. Weekends might be more difficult since I do plan on traveling off campus. The weekends  really is the luck of the draw. My first week starts the week of July 27th and I will NOT have class Thursday and Friday for ONLY that week. Thursday and Friday of that week will be the weekend times instead.

Monday: 6am to 12pm
Tuesday: 8am to 12pm
Wednesday: 2am to 5:30am & 8am to 12pm
Thursday: 4am to 12pm
Friday: 1am to 2pm
Weekends: 12am to 2pm

As of now, I will be leaving July 5th with my family to make a few stops in Australia before I am dropped off at University of the Sunshine Coast. 

My class schedule (Australian time)