Saturday, August 15, 2015

Learning and Planning

The third week of classes is finally under my belt. Not much had happened this week but I will add the most memorable moments that happened this week

Monday in biomechanics we had another professor lecture us and boy did he have some interesting things to say. The best comment I got from that class was “Sir Isaac Newton was an asshole. Why? Because he was very arrogant and he invented calculus.” Yes I did actually write that in my notes.

Tuesday we did our first motion lab where we had to measure jump height and force using two different kinds of jumping techniques. I had never been in a motion lab before and it looked like the ones you see in documentaries on athletes. I will be working more in those labs through out the semester and it will be an interesting experience.

Wednesday I had both of my psychology classes and learned about mood disorders in abnormal psychology and forming impressions of people in social psychology.

Thursday I had one Tutorial and then I jumped on a bus to go deliver a package to a friend of mine back home. I am hoping it makes it there on time for her birthday cause she will be getting some yummy treats J At night I went to boxfit which was fun when I was punching the pads to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” until I pulled something in my arm. As of now I am resting my arm and stretching it so I do not have to miss punching the pads.

Friday I had to go to a new tutorial because my Wednesday tutorial was too small. In the class, we were given real cases of people who had some kind of mental issue (their names were not given to us). From those cases, we had to diagnose the patient in order to give them treatment which was very interesting since it was a good insight into how psychologists figure out what is wrong. I will not be going into this field but that doesn’t mean I cannot find it interesting. After my one class, I went with Louise and Tyler to the school’s social soccer practice. Basically a bunch of people sign up to play a few soccer scrimmages. I got to play defense for a bit but then I eventually played goalie just like high school. I ended up doing better in goalie than in defense so I guess I should just stick to that. After making salmon, spinach and gnocchi for dinner, Dorthea came over to talk about our trip to Melbourne and New Zealand. As of now we have not booked anything but we are probably going to do that soon. Since New Zealand is on my bucket list of places to go, I am really excited to make this trip happen for our small holiday.

Saturday I spent part of my day in my room studying for human physiology. Once I felt like I needed a break, I took Padi to Alexandra for a few hours to catch some waves. Unfortunately, the waves were flat and small so I basically caught nothing, unless you count me falling over. Once I made it back to the apartment, I washed up, made dinner, got dressed and went to Louise’s place for a party before going out to my first club in Australia. Yes this was the first time I went to a club since I have been here and it was fun. I ended up leaving a bit early so the night for me ended around 12:30 am.

This week there was not a lot going on until the weekend hit, but one thing I had been ding was talking to my Elon friends through out this passed week. A few are already getting ready to move in and some are leaving this week to drive down to Elon. All I can say is it feels strange knowing I will not be there when everyone starts. I still don’t feel like I am in school though I have been studying and writing papers non stop. To all my Elon friends, please keep me in the loop of your lives and I promise I will bring back TimTams J


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